Advanced Planning Options


Assessment and Accreditation

Assessment and Accreditation serve important functions in evaluation of an institution's ability to deliver quality outcomes. Understanding how they benefit the students and clients by uniting an institution makes lasting change happen. RGC can assist you with all of your assessment and accreditation needs.

Streamlining Meta-analysis of Assessment Data

Are you data-rich but don't know what to do with it all?  Identifying opportunities to evaluate across units and unify goals will help your team understand where it wants to go and how to work together to get there.

Connecting Data with Resource Allocation

Do you understand your data but have no idea how to put it to work? We can help you utilize your annual outcomes to set up a system of data-informed decision making for allocating your personnel, space, tech, and time resources.

Integrating Data with Budgeting

Being able to back-up budgeting decisions with data is more important now than ever. We help you link what you know with what you want to do.

Orienting Employees

Once you have a great system in place, make sure you have the ability to get new employees up to speed quickly. An orientation program helps to ensure that quality doesn't drop when new staff come onboard.

Diving into Morale Issues

Morale issues can be a perpetual drain or can pop up suddenly when new developments hit. RGC can help navigate the issues by getting to the root of the problem and then developing and implementing processes to get everyone back on the same page for the long run.

Dr. Lisa Miller


Erie, PA  

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