How RGC Can Help


Every business, every year MUST be writing out a plan with GOALS

All businesses need to be doing Strategic Planning every year. Every size company, every age company. If you haven't ever done a business plan or haven't ever updated it since your first business plan, now is the time to start and RGC can help you do it painlessly. I'll help you get your plan moving and keep it going toward meeting your business goals

Already doing an Annual Strategic Plan but rarely meeting your goals?

A Strategic Plan is an active tool. It should be regularly visited and data regularly gathered. If you are doing some planning but need help getting it moving or if you have goals you never seem to accomplish, then meeting with me on a regular basis throughout the year might be more for you. Let me keep you on track and moving forward with meetings quarterly, monthly  or even weekly. Whatever you need to get things moving. 

Employee issues making you hate to go to work?

Having employees brings with it both opportunities and challenges. Learn how to get through the challenges and develop systems to keep things running smoothly with your employees. Get past the headaches and get on with the other parts of running your business. There are a number of techniques that can help you decrease the occurrence of things like attendance issues, low morale, skills gaps and explore things like succession planning.

Need someone to talk confidentially with about your business?

Not sure what you need to get your business organized and growing? Meeting for affordable, private discussions with me can help you find the path that is right for your company. Everyone needs a place to talk without bias or vested interests. RGC is that place for business executives.