Engaging Your Employees and Customers


Signs of Client Engagement Problems

-You are unsure if you are meeting your clients' needs 

-Customer base getting smaller as your competitors grow 

-Unsure what path to take to grow your business

Signs of Employee Engagement Problems

-Low morale 

-No accountability 

-Employees who hate change 

-Tensions boil over whenever people want to be heard 

Signs of Lack of an Employee Development System

-Employee problems that repeat often (example=chronically late employees) 

-High turnover rate 

-Difficulty finding qualified employees to promote 

-"We've always done it this way" 

-Relying on new employees to bring in new skills and knowledge 

RGC Specializes in implementation of:

-Continuous Improvement 

-Policy and Procedure Development 

-Performance Review Processes and Employee Development 

-Effective Employee Orientation 

-Getting the most out of your Resources (time, space, people) 

-Improving Communication Channels 

-Process Analysis 

-Decision Making Strategies 

-Leadership Development


Dr. Lisa Miller



Erie, PA  

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