Take care of the people who got you where you are

There are a large number of home grown businesses with owners about to retire across the country. Even one business closing has a tremendous impact on a region. It’s so important that these businesses thrive even after a handoff. Starting the succession planning discussion is tough, but once you take the first step, the process really comes to life. Succession planning for those at the top is crucial, but it is also important to plan for the loss or promotion of VPs and middle managers. The sooner you start, the easier it is because it all fits together. Keep Erie strong and start planning today!

Succession Planning is your way as a business owner or executive to take care of the people who got you where you are. The employees who depend on you need the business to continue to grow. Their families need the business to continue to grow. Your customers need your business to continue to exist and grow. They have come to rely upon your business and you have promised them that you would be there for them in the future. This is how you make that happen. You begin your succession plan. You take the steps needed now to ensure that the company continues on and continues to meet the mission that you have spent so much time living. 

It's not just about replacing an owner or a president. Succession planning is really about defining any position in the company in such a way that filling an opening will not change how the department, unit, or company functions. Succession planning is really about defining what a position needs and communicating that to all involved so that the fundamental functioning of a job is perpetuated for years to come. This could be a unit manager, a supervisor, or any position that is critical to your operation. Explore the ways that you can minimize the impact of losing people vital to your operation now, before they move on or are promoted out of their position. Protect your business. 

The Process

Get started today by contacting Dr. Lisa Miller at 814-812-1856 or to discuss protecting the true heart of your business. Start with a one-on-one discussion with me and we will design the process together to meet your needs.