Strategic Planning


Signs of Needing A Strategic Plan

-Constantly being hit by unforeseen problems 

-Putting out "fires" every day 

-Hard to define what your company offers that others don't 

-Looking forward to tax time every year to find out how your company is actually doing 

-You've had the same business goals for years and you still have not met them 

-As the owner, you skip taking home a paycheck

Plan Ahead

Strategic Planning is easy to put off. The day-to-day operations take precedence and make it difficult to carve out time needed to strategically look at the future of your business. Stop dealing with the same problems over and over again and instead start planning new strategies to gradually deal with problems. Become proactive and begin planning how to manage your resources for the year and stop dreading your year end results. Don't sit back and hope that your outcomes are high quality. Build quality into your outcomes by developing policies and procedures that increase the performance of your organization.   


Strategic Planning is a short, up-front investment in time that allows you to have a guide for the year or longer. Spending the time to outline and prioritize your goals now allows you to use that map when big decisions come up throughout the year, when new opportunities arise unexpectedly, or when you are deciding on which avenues to take to expand your business. When big decision points arise, it is easy to become distracted from your business for as long as it takes you to decide how you are going to deal with the situation. If you spend the time up front deciding what your priorities and goals for the year will be, then you have a ready tool to use when issues arise. You can quickly decide your approach and then get back to business. 

The Process

RGC's Strategic Planning step-by-step process asks you the important questions and organizes your answers in an easy to use format. You come out with a guide to help you navigate your business environment for whatever timeframe that you decide. RGC can guide you through implementation and re-evaluating your new process in the next cycle. See the "RGC Working With You" for options.

As Much As You Want

The process is as short or as long as you want it to be. Any or all of the following basic services are options through RGC:

-Develop or re-evaluate your mission and make sure it fits your business

-Outline your goals for the next year, five years, or ten years

-Figure out who your stakeholders are and how to best communicate with all of them

-Determine how you will monitor your progress toward your goals

-Organize and annually review of your business processes and outcomes

Advanced Planning Options

Once you have a Strategic Plan, these advanced RGC options will help you continue to grow your plan:

-Making sure that you have all of the data that you need and are using as well as you should

-Find more data sources to improve your business insights

-Evaluate new business processes to implement

-Compare new tech options for your company and find the best option for you

-Evaluate new business services to offer or additional locations in your business environment